High-resolution oesophageal and anorectal manometry

ManoScan ™

A comprehensive system for monitoring, recording and analysing propulsive peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as 2D and 3D high-resolution manometry of the anorectal area, including sphincter function. The system can also be expanded to provide high-resolution manometry of the oesophagus with impedance, or 3D monitoring of the lower oesophageal sphincter.


  • Intuitive controls using a touch screen allow performance of an examination by one person using so-called ten-minute manometry
  • The examination guide will guide the examiner through all the steps of the examination according to the Chicago classification standard
  • Implementation of Chicago classification on all levels of the system. Standardisation of examinations, measured parameters, standards implemented in the system for preparation of examination reports
  • The option of choosing between values displayed using curves or a Contour plot
  • Viewing measured values during recording
  • The option of modification and individual configuration of the system and resulting examination report
  • Highly accurate probes with a 36 cm sensing zone, equipped with 432 points of measurement
  • Guaranteed 200 examinations with one probe
  • Probes included in the ZUM price list
  • The option of using ManoShield™ protective sheaths
  • A wide range of measuring probes for various applications – paediatric probes, anorectal probes, 3D probes, manometric-impedance probes….
  • The option of expanding the system to provide 3D manometry of the oesophagus and rectum


gastroenterology | surgery | paediatrics| rehabilitation

High-resolution manometry is the most modern and most frequently used method for diagnosing oesophageal functional disorders. It replaces conventional measuring methods, which use transfer of pressure through a column of water.

The unrivalled advantage of this system is 3D manometry of the rectum, which allows visualization of pressure ratios in all segments. It enables localisation of problematic segments of the rectum for subsequent surgical or other therapy. The 3D anorectal probe is equipped with 16 levels of circumferential metering sensors, i.e. 256 points of measurement. The probe diameter is 10 mm. The probe is equipped with a central lumen for filling the balloon. The pressures measured in the area are visualised in colour using ManoView TM software. The system allows use of standard 2D HRM AR catheters with 12 channels along 12 circumferentially located points of measurement, i.e. 144 points.

The system is mainly intended for gastroenterologists. But it also now used in other branches and clinics, for instance: specialists in day surgery or rehabilitation, or physiotherapists.


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Power supply
Operating /storage temperature
Relative humidity

55 x 180 x 55 cm (w x h x d)
50 kg (including cart)
class IIa
110/230V, 60/50 Hz
10 to 40°C / -40 to +70°C
30 to 75% rH, 10 to 100% rH


Oesophageal HRM probes

Order code Name Description Packaging
MSC-1286 ManoScan ESO Catheter oesophageal HRM catheter, standard diameter ~4,2 mm, spacing between channels 10 mm 1 item
MSC-3887 ManoScan ESO SD Regullar Catheter oesophageal HRM catheter, small diameter ~2,75 mm,  spacing between channels 10 mm 1 item
MSC-3886 ManoScan ESO SD Small Catheter oesophageal HRM catheter, small diameter ~2,75 mm,  spacing between channels 7,5 mm 1 item
MSC-3890-Z ManoScan ESO Z Catheter oesophageal HRM catheter with impedance, standard diameter ~4,2 mm,  spacing between channels 10 mm, 18 impedance sensors,  spacing between channels 20 mm 1 item
MSC-3893-3D ManoScan 3D ESO Catheter oesophageal  HRM 4D catheter, standard diameter ~4,2 mm,  spacing between channels 10 mm + 96 3D sensors (12 axially x 8 radially) in 1 item
Anorectal HRM probes

Order code Name Description Packaging
MSC-2192 ManoScan AR Regular AR HRM catheter, standard diameter ~4,2 mm, 12 channels, 144 points of pressure,   spacing between channels 6 mm 1 item
ManoScan AR Pediatric AR HRM catheter, standard diameter ~4,2 mm, 8 channels, 96 points of pressure,  spacing between channels 6 mm 1 item
MSC-3885-3D ManoScan AR 3D 256 individual pressure channels; 16 3D scanning rings in the axial direction, diameter ~10,75 mm, scanning length ~7 cm 1 item
Other optional accessories

Order code Name Description Packaging
MSS-2155 ManoShield ™ ESO disposable latex-free sheath 20 items
MSS-4360 ManoShield ™ ESO SD disposable latex-free sheath 20 items
MSS-3598 AR Catheter 150cc Balloons Anorectal balloons latex-free, 150cc 10 items
MSS-2599 AR Catheter 400cc Balloons Anorectal balloons latex-free, 400cc 10 items
MSS-3599 AR Catheter 600cc Balloons Anorectal balloons latex-free, 600cc 10 items
MSS-3599 ManoShield ™ AR disposable latex-free sheath 20 items
MSS-4581-3D ManoShield ™ AR 3D disposable latex-free sheath 10 items