pH-metering for EER diagnostics


Restech is a minimally invasive system used for pH-metering in the oropharynx, for detailed diagnostics of extraoesophageal reflux (EER). The patented metering probe technology is unique because it is capable of intercepting and evaluating refluxate in both liquid and aerosol form, which allows detailed diagnostics of the scanned area and can prevent occurrence of false negative results arising from the absence of technologies for evaluating the presence of aerosol particles.

Restech technology assures maximum possible comfort for patients and also minimises discomfort during insertion and while measurements are being taken thanks to its dimensions (probe thickness 1.5 mm). For this reason the spectrum of patients is practically unlimited and measurements can also be taken in infants. Another advantage assuring maximum comfort for patients is the wireless connection between the recording and scanning equipment, which allows normal daily activities to be carried out.

The recorder is completely intuitive with simple graphic symbols, allowing easy and fast configuration, with calibration lasting just 15 seconds. The recorder is used to record important episodes experienced by patients, which contributes to accurate diagnostics – such as changes to the position of the body, determination of meal times, potential signalization of subjective difficulties.

To make insertion simpler the probe has a light indicator at its tip, which makes its location highly visible.
DataView™ software, which processes the measured data, is designed to provide the clearest image and thereby simplify evaluation of the results – it assures automatic evaluation (including calculation of the Ryan score) and also the option of data editing.


  • Detection of reflux episodes of not just liquid but also aerosol origin
  • Minimally invasive test
  • A hypoallergenic probe, which is suitable for a broad spectrum of patients, including infants, thanks to its dimensions (thickness 1.5 mm)
  • A graphic and easily operated recording device
  • Easy configuration with very rapid calibration of the probe (15 seconds)
  • Wireless connection between the scanning device and the recorder
  • Light indicator for the easiest possible location of the measuring probe in the oropharynx
  • Adjustable metering period
  • Automatic analysis of results and editing option


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The simple pH-metering test helps create the correct treatment plan for patients suffering from reflux disorder. Oropharynx testing can be especially useful in patients suffering from unusual reflux symptoms (hoarseness, chronic cough, sinusitis) and also those who do not respond to PPI. Metering reveals the context and gravity of the reflux, which allows physicians to modify the treatment plan and control the success of the determined treatment.


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Power supply

10.8 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm
163 g (inc. battery)
2xAA 1.5 V alkali


Power supply

6 x 2 x 1.3 cm
15 g (inc. battery)
CR1632 3V lithium battery


pH metric probes

Order code Name Description Packaging
Dx-201 Dx-pH Probe disposable single-channel probe 10 items
Dx-201 L Dx-pH Probe Long disposable single-channel probe extended length 10 items
Other accessories

Order code Name Description Packaging
Dx-020 Dx-pH Calibration Vials Calibration set 1 pack
Dx-020 H Hydration Vial Set Hydration set 1 pack
Dx-030 Dx-Transmitter Carrying Case Transmitter case 1 item
Dx-050 Dx-Recorder Carrying Case Recorder case 1 item
Dx-064 SD Memory Card Memory card 1 item