Motility academy 7

Dear all,

we would like to invite you to the seventh year of the Motility Academy, our traditional and popular event dedicated to motility disorders in GIT. After the last Motility Academy, we decided to switch to a two-year cycle instead of the current year and a half. From this year onwards, the MA term will be fixed at the first half of September. This year we will meet again on September 14 and 15, 2023 at the BICZ Park Golf Club in Hradec Králové (Roudničská 730, Hradec Králové).

The Motility Academy has already become a traditional meeting of users and those interested in functional diagnostic methods for GIT. The original focus on gastroenterology has become a multidisciplinary symposium, where doctors specializing in gastroenterology, ENT, allergology, pneumology, pediatrics, but also physiotherapists, senior medical staff and the professional public meet regularly.

This year too, we spread the program over two days. You can view the preliminary schedule of thematic circuits below. We will publish the final version of the program as soon as possible. During the entire meeting, the most common diagnostic tools will be available on site for individual hands-on training and consultation of your results with colleagues and application specialists present.


  • Correct protocol for pneumatic dilation in achalasia (is one stage of dilation sufficient?)
  • New era of EGG – gastric mapping – what to expect
  • Experimental motility capsules
  • Measurement of gastric emptying – scintigraphy – do we all do the same thing?

  • Does the motility capsule make sense in the diagnosis of GIT disorders, or is it just an expensive toy?
  • Breath tests and GIT motility disorders
  • Anorectal disorders – wouldn’t just a digital examination be enough? How does the result of AR HRM change further management of the patient.
  • Endoscopic treatment of reflux – should it be covered by public insurance?

  • Physiotherapy for constipation and incontinence – does anyone do it in the Czech Republic?

  • Physiotherapy at RCHJ – fashion or effective therapy?

  • What are really the side effects of proton inhibitors?

  • Why buy pH-metry with impedance, or 72h capsule pH-metry
  • Pylorospasm and gastroparesis

  • Lazy bowel syndrome – ideal diagnosis

  • Modern prokinetics on the Czech and Slovak market (real drugs or placebo?)

  • Two years with Chicago 4.0 – are we satisfied?

  • Three years with the London classification – are we satisfied?

  • IBS syndrome – diagnosis, treatment

  • FAST (IBS)


The social program will be held at the venue of the Motility Academy. On Thursday, September 14, the golf course will be available in the morning for training and flight. The evening program will be at the place of the symposium from 7.30 incl. dinner and live music. On Friday, September 15, from 7:00 a.m., there will be a golf breakfast with training with a professional coach (suitable for both beginners and advanced golfers).

Refreshments will be provided for all participants throughout the event.

Registration is open until August 31, 2023.

The registration fee is 500 CZK. The registration fee does not apply to speakers.


Event management

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event coordinator

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