Vocal cords augmentation

Renú® Voice

Renú® Voice is a unique injectable implant for long-term augmentation of the vocal cords.

It is an injectable implant intended for long-term tissue enlargement with an effectiveness of 12-18 months. Renú® Voice is a gel containing synthetic particles of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) with a diameter of 25 to 45 microns. The implant can be applied percutaneously or using a trans-oral needle supplied separately.

Renú® Voice is supplied in a 1.5 cc syringe and thus provides enough injectable material for vocal cord augmentation. It can be applied unilaterally or bilaterally. The syringe has an ergonomically shaped handle and the expiration date is approximately 2 years.

Renú® Voice is indicated for medialization of the vocal cords and for vocal cord insufficiency that can be improved by injecting a soft tissue-enlarging substance. Renú® Voice increases the size of a displaced or deformed vocal cord, where there is better contact with the opposite vocal cord in the midline and thus also better phonation. Insufficiency of the vocal cords associated with serious aspiration difficulties is also an essential indication.

Renú® Voice is manufactured by Cytophyl Inc. and our company IMEDEX s.r.o. is the exclusive distributor for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.


  • Ergonomic syringe handle
  • Enough material for any patient – 1.5 cc
  • Controlled viscosity – easier injection
  • Prolonged effect 12-18 months
  • Two-year expiration
  • Replacement for Radiesse Voice


otorhinolaryngology | phoniatrics


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Aleš Kraus