Dear partners, clients and colleagues,

we would like to invite you to our upcoming educational event – Peptest/Restech Day, which will take place in the educational center of the University Hospital in Olomouc on the 15th March 2024.

Peptest/Restech Day is our long-awaited answer to the frequent demand for a workshop focused on the solution of reflux disease of the esophagus from the point of view of otorhinolaryngology, allergology and pulmonoly. Throughout the day we will focus on the possibilities of diagnosing reflux disease with extraesophageal symptoms as well as treatment options. We will introduce two diagnostic technologies – Peptest, which detects the presence of pepsin in saliva, and Restech, which measures the pH of exhaled air. Practical demonstrations of both methods and evaluation of the recorded results will be an important part of the day’s programme.

The seminar is intended primarily for existing users of these methods. Demonstration of the most common errors, answers to the most frequent questions and a detailed demonstration of the correct examination and evaluation of the measured results will make your work easier, help eliminate errors and improve the quality of patient care.

The event will include both theoretical lectures and case studies, as well as practical demonstrations of the examinations themselves and the evaluation of the results.

The registration fee is 500 CZK (or 20 EUR) and does not apply to active participants. We will send you payment instructions to your e-mail after receiving the application.

Registration is now open and you can log in using the form under the following button:



Current situation in the diagnosing of extraesophageal reflux
Peptest in pulmonology
Physiotherapy and its effect on pepsin concetrations
Restech/Peptest – practical experience and case studies
Antireflux treatment, PPI


Organizing company

IMEDEX s.r.o.

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500 03 Hradec Králové

Michaela Matějková

Event coordinator

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Aleš Kraus

Contact for speakers

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