Test for the presence of pepsin


Peptest (www.peptest.cz) is a new, accurate, painless and fairly inexpensive saliva test kit, which reliably proves whether you suffer from reflux.

The first worldwide non-invasive test for establishing whether the patient suffers from reflux.

The body produces pepsin in the stomach in order to digest proteins. If pepsin is found outside the stomach, this is called reflux. Samples of saliva/sputum are collected and these are then tested for the presence of pepsin in a laboratory/clinic.

If there is pepsin present in your sample, its concentration is measured to determine how serious the reflux is and an assessment of the success rate of potential treatment is also prepared. The test can be performed repeatedly at any time during the course of treatment.


  • A completely non-invasive method

  • Speed – the results are available within 15 minutes

  • Simple processing of the sample

  • Affordable price of testing

  • Simple scanning equipment, which accurately quantifies the amount of pepsin

  • Also suitable for infants and child patients


Otorhinolaryngology | Gastroenterology | Pulmonology | Immunology | Paediatrics


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Order code Name Description Packaging
PEP10 Peptest 10  + accessories 10 items
PEP50 Peptest 50 50 items
PEP100 Peptest 100 100 items
Pepcube Peptest Cube Reader 1 item
6808.0010 Fisher mini-centrifuge 1 item
6803.0110 Centrifuge 1 item
4058.0007 Micro-pipette Fisherbrand 20 – 20 mI 50 items
4058.0008 Micro-pipette Fisherbrand 100 – 1000 mI 50 items
PEP125CA Ascorbic acid 125 ml. 1 item
PEP125MB Migration solution 125 ml. 1 item
1211 PP Collection test tube 50 items
4059.9509 Micropipette tips 2 – 200 mI 100 items
4058.0374 Micropipette tips 100 – 1250 mI 100 items
2103.3505 Micro-test tubes for the centrifuge 1.5 ml. 100 items
2101.6460 Pasteur pipette 50 items
LW4760 Pastettes
PEP-acc-01 Complete set for performing 50 tests (for use with a 20 – 200 mI micropipette)
PEP-acc-02 Complete set for performing 50 tests (for use with a 100 – 1000 mI micropipette )
PEP-acc-03 Consumables for performing 50 tests (for use with a 100 – 1000 mI micropipette)
PEP-acc-04 Consumables for performing 50 tests (for use with a 20 – 200 mI micropipette)