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Our company is the exclusive distributor of many manufacturers of medical technology, focusing on gastroenterology, ENT, neurosurgery and intensive medicine.








IMEDEX s.r.o. was established in 2007 as a medical technology scouting company. We look for new medical technologies and try to find innovative solutions that we can bring to the Czech and Slovak markets. Our aim is to support modern healthcare and help improve the quality of patient care.

Our main focus is on the departments of gastroenterology, ENT, alergology, pneumology and pediatrics. We also work in neurosurgery and intensive medical care.

We have established long-term relationships with key healthcare workplaces and we work with specialists in various areas.
IMEDEX ACADEMY, the educational project for our clients, was launched with the objective of providing a platform for the sharing of know-how and experience, and to support discussion about new technologies, studies and research.
IMEDEX s.r.o. is a socially responsible company that provides complex service to our clients. We create the company culture focused on our employees, support their personal and professional growth and together we share the company’s successes.

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Our clients are looked after by a team of experienced employees who are always ready to solve requests and answer any questions.

Richard Uhlíř

sales manager

+420 724 979 234

Jaroslav Dufka

Strategy and business development

+420 495 260 286

Tereza Bartošová

technical support manager

+420 778 756 667

Aleš Kraus

sales representative
ENT, neurosurgery

+420 777 769 924

Tomáš Pikora

sales representative

+420 731 200 592

Anna Zálišová

financial manager,
marketing, public tenders

+420 724 979 162

Daniel Kolář

office manager

+420 737 516 221

Michaela Matějková

business assistant

+420 739 226 204

IMEDEX s.r.o.
Kladská 1092/1a
500 03 Hradec Králové



We regularly participate in professional events and congresses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In addition, we organize our own thematically focused professional meetings of doctors and medical staff.

GIT motility monitoring system

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pH-metering for EER diagnostics

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