GIT motility monitoring system


The SmartPill™ monitoring system is a system for diagnostics of gastrointestinal tract motility, which provides you with a complete transit profile. The system is capable of recording and subsequently evaluating clinical data acquired by means of an edible (indigestible) motility capsule, which measures pressure, pH, temperature and transit time through the digestive tract.


  • A method that provides you with a complete transit profile through the GI tract
  • Standardised motility testing with benchmarks
  • Automatic analysis of the results
  • Increased testing sensitivity compared to other motility tests, such as GES (Gastric Emptying Scintigraphy) and ROM (Radio Opaque Markers)
  • The option of accurately localizing disorders of specific areas of the GI tract
  • Simple process guide
  • Long capsule service life after it is consumed (over 5 days)


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  • Laptop

  • SmartPill® Software

  • SmartPill® docking station

  • SmartPill® recorder

    • recording and displaying data transmitted by the capsule
    • visualization on the display – status icons, signal strength, battery life, pressure, pH, time
    • button for backlighting and an event button(Event)
  • SmartPill® activation fixture

    • switches the capsule on and off using magnets, which act on its internal switch
  • SmartPill® capsule

    • Weight 4.5 g
    • Dimensions 27 x 12 mm
    • Range of pH measurement: 1-9 pH units
    • Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1 °C (between 20-42 °C)
    • Pressure measurement range: 0-350 mmHg
    • Battery service life: capsule and recorder > 5 days